Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Store Review: Paper Presentation

Paper Presentation is an amazing store. During a meandering walk one day I just stumbled into this location by accident; having complained to my friend just the night before that I needed a good craft store. Part of my happy happy joy joy feeling is because I stumbled in on a bunch of post-Christmas 75% off items; so I got $60 worth of items for $16. But I will definitely be back- I can already here the siren call of all that pretty paper. They have a wonderful selection of cards, wrapping papers (although not quite as awesome as Kate’s). What really sets this place apart is the scapbooking section. I know, I know- it sounds much more Midwest/ Grandma than it actually is: in reality there is a wonderful selection of gorgeous papers than can be used as gift wrapping embellishers, be made into cards, or just do what I do and stockpile them manically.

23 W 18th St (between 5th Ave & Avenue Of The Americas), New York, NY 10011

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